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Fees & Insurance     


Standard fees for psychological services include:


  $250.00 for the initial intake session

  $185.00 for an individual 45 minute therapy session

  $185.00 for a family therapy session (including parent consultation)


    Time spent reviewing records, scoring psychological tests, writing letters or reports, or making lengthy telephone calls will be billed at the rate of $185.00 per hour.


    Your portion of the payment is due at the time of treatment.  With some insurance there will be a standard co-pay fee (e.g. $15).  With other insurance plans your portion is based on a percentage of my fee.  Sometimes insurance companies choose to pay only up to what they deem “usual and customary” but this amount is often not usual or customary.  I strongly encourage you to contact your insurance company about your mental health benefits since coverage varies widely. 


Some questions to ask include:


  How much is my copay?

  What is the annual deductible?

  Is Dr. Thompson on my insurance panel?


    If I am not on your insurance panel of providers, you can inquire about their “out of plan” provision.  Often you will need to pay more than for a panel provider.  You are responsible for the entire bill whether the insurance pays or not.  Unpaid accounts are turned over to a collection agency.

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