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Services for Adults and Couples     


     I work with a wide variety of problems that confront adults including anxiety, depression, ADHD, and adjustment issues.  I also work with a wide variety of problems that confront couples including communication issues and anger management.  I do not treat substance abuse disorders, significant psychiatric disorders, or personality disorders.


     Here are some general thoughts about how I work:


  • I believe the essence of good therapy involves a therapeutic conversation that allows a person to confide their fears and difficulties while clarifying their goals and aspirations.  My job is to facilitate that conversation.  Therapists differ widely in style.  Some therapists are directive and confrontative while other therapists act like a blank slate and say little.  My therapeutic style is a balance between carefully listening while also providing feedback with specific suggestions.


  • Real change needs to occur in the person's life not just in the therapy office.


  • The choice to attend therapy is a manifestation of a person's or couple's commitment to change that reveals itself in many ways.  In my first session, I often find that people are already making positive changes in their life.  Sometimes my job is to point out the things they are already doing better.


  • Human life is complex. Numerous factors can lead to success or failure. In my work I often find people are always looking for the one thing they are doing wrong or the one thing they need to do right.  My job is often to help people appreciate the many aspects of the problem as well as the multiple paths towards growth.

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