Finding the right psychologist can be difficult.  I have designed my website in a way that allows you to get necessary information about my services as well as learn something about me and how I work.

     As a psychologist, my work is guided by the study of human growth and development.  Development is the amazing process which goes on throughout our entire life.  New skills and abilities emerge so that we can adapt to the challenges that confront us.  Human development is not only impacted by genetics but is also influenced by our family system and cultural situation.  Whatever the age of my client, this natural process continues unless stymied by overwhelming stress or lack of resources.

     From this perspective, problems are not seen as obstacles but rather opportunities for growth.  We overcome our weaknesses with our strengths.  Using a focused, problem-solving approach I strive to enable my patients to discover how to use their own abilities and resources to overcome maladaptive patterns which may be interfering with their development.

     Please contact my office if you have any other questions.  (503) 768-3870.

     I look forward to working with you!

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My Services

I work with a wide variety of problems that confront children, adolescents, adults, couples, and families. 


With over 30 years in practice as a clinical psychologist, my areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, ADHD, adjustment issues, oppositional defiant disorder, medical issues, anger management, and others.  

Robert Thompson, Ph.D.

The First Session

For patients who have never seen a psychologist before, their first question is often, “What will the first session be like?”  


Having an idea of what the first session will include can not only help reduce any anxiety you may feel, but can help you come prepared with questions you may want answered right from the start.