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My hours of service are generally Monday through Friday, 10:00 a.m to 6:00 p.m.  


My office assistant Dot is in the office Mondays through Thursdays from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m.  She will be happy to assist you in setting up a convenient intake appointment time.  In addition, she can also assist you in determining what your insurance benefits might cover.


To make an appointment, please call Dot at (503) 768-3870.

Make an Appointment


(503) 768-3870
Emergency calls

I am usually available 24 hours a day via the answering service (503-972-1235).  However, it may be several hours before I can get back to you. 


In the event of an emergency and I am not immediately available, contact the Crisis Line (503-215-7082) or one of the local hospitals with mental health service (e.g., Providence St Vincent Hospital 503-291-9111).


A session must be canceled 24 hours before it is scheduled.  Your appointment time is reserved only for you so missed appointments will be charged at one-half fee.  Insurance does not cover this cost.


Cancellation messages can be left with my voice mail any time of the day (503-768-3870).  Poor weather cancellations will not be charged.

Intake Packet    


Based on whom my primary client is there are two intake packets available:


            Child and Adolescent Intake Packet PDF file (click here)


            Adult and Couple Intake Packet PDF file (click here)


    Please download the appropriate intake packet and bring it with you to the first session.  If you are able to mail it back quickly, I will review it before our first session (I would appreciate it if you would complete all information).  You do not need to sign the treatment consent form until you have had a chance to discuss any questions you may have.

Fees & Insurance     


Standard fees for psychological services include:


  $225.00 for the initial intake session

  $170.00 for an individual 45 minute therapy session

  $170.00 for a family therapy session (including parent consultation)


    Time spent reviewing records, scoring psychological tests, writing letters or reports, or making lengthy telephone calls will be billed at the rate of $170.00 per hour.


    Your portion of the payment is due at the time of treatment.  With some insurance there will be a standard co-pay fee (e.g. $15).  With other insurance plans your portion is based on a percentage of my fee.  Sometimes insurance companies choose to pay only up to what they deem “usual and customary” but this amount is often not usual or customary.  I strongly encourage you to contact your insurance company about your mental health benefits since coverage varies widely. 


Some questions to ask include:


  How much is my copay?

  What is the annual deductible?

  Is Dr. Thompson on my insurance panel?


    If I am not on your insurance panel of providers, you can inquire about their “out of plan” provision.  Often you will need to pay more than for a panel provider.  You are responsible for the entire bill whether the insurance pays or not.  Unpaid accounts are turned over to a collection agency.

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